Friday, March 03, 2006

Yet Another Strange Dream

i had another really bizarre dream last night. this one was pretty short, but still really weird.

i had a dream that phillip decided to start bringing home winter jackets from the lost and found at his work. we had planned to take a bike ride together and when i met him outside (where our bikes were parked), he was wearing this hideous pink, purple, and white Barbie coat (similar to this one, only with purple in it). i said "that's a GIRL'S jacket!" and he said "so?" and i said "please take it off" and he said "no!". so we had this big fight about him wearing a girl's coat. we didn't come to a resolution (like in so many of our "real life" fights) so i watched him pedal off on his little BMX bike* and his Barbie jacket.

so bizarre.

on a different note, we're so excited for Julie's Oscar party on sunday! i can't wait to meet everyone and talk about movies and stuff. it will be a fun time. and i think it's pretty cool how we live so close to each other, too! so i'll be easy for us to get there (and stumble home, if we've had too much to drink!). yay! oh, and i love me some jon stewart!

the only thing on the roster today is to eFile our taxes, if i could only figure it out. this "married filing jointly" versus "married filing separately" is confusing. good times.

*he has an adult bike in real life. i don't know why i made him out to be a gender confused child in my dream. bizaaaah!


fluffy said...

ha! im somebody now!

Honey Bunny said...

excellent!! i've blogrolled ya!

Julie Du. said...

Don't forget to bring y'alls ballots to the party!!