Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Going Solo

last night's travels to the uptown bar were scary. i don't mean like i feared for my life, or anything. it was scary because i was going somewhere alone, in a city where i know no one. i've always gone places either with my husband or friends, so going to see bands play at a local bar alone was something i've never done before. not even in boston.

it was weird. the experience, i mean. i'm not going to lie - it was lonely and a bit sad. i had my book so i read between bands and sipped my drink and did some people watching, but it was still strange to be in a very social place with no one to socialize with.

but it had to be done. with my husband working mostly nights, i'm not going to sit home here and stare at the walls. i need to get out more, do more, and meet more people. that's why tonight i've RSVP'd to a MeetIN event and i'm going...alone.

it's scary and lonely and a little sad, but those are the breaks, i guess. i'll meet people once i get a job, i'm sure. and i'm sure i'll meet more people as the days pass, and i'm sure i'll meet more people when the days get warmer. i'll be able to spend more time outside, taking walks and riding my bike. i can't wait for spring.

so, yeah, that's it. my life is kind of strange right now, with no job and being a lone most of the time. i'm trying to think of things to occupy my time, mind, hands, but i tend to get sidetracked easily. i guess i'm just thinking about too much at once. hopefully that will settle down soon, too.


Julie Du. said...

There are many outstanding films playing at the Uptown and Lagoon theaters.

Capote & Brokeback Mountain (if you haven't seen them yet), plus

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (my fave!)
Match Point

Something dirty said...

I would totally fall into a hardcore tv watching and internet surfing schedule. Good for you, getting out there and doing stuff1

Voix said...

I'd be burying my nose in a book. Hey -- there's a Lit 6 show coming up on the 25th! We can all meet up there if you want something to look forward to. . .