Wednesday, February 15, 2006


just got back from seeing Transamerica at the Uptown theater. I like it in there. the seats are cozy and the sound is great. i love little theaters where they only show one film. kind of like the Brattle, but way more comfortable.

i am also so glad that i decided to go. i saw the MeetIN event on the calendar this morning and thought "what the hell". so i RSVP'd and met two nice guys in the process. i thought it was kind of cool that one guy didn't know that a woman was playing the character of a pre-operative, male-to-female transsexual. he said after the film ended "you know, i kept waiting for the oscar nominated woman to come on the screen. i kept hearing about how she did such a good job. it wasn't till the film was half over that it clicked". so to me, she was pretty convincing of a woman playing a man who is in the process of becoming a woman. i guess you just have to see it to know what i mean.

the other guy who showed up cracked me up. it wasn't intentional, but i found myself laughing and cringing at the same time. first of all, he showed up late, which didn't bother me any. but then, halfway through the movie, his cell phone rang and he picked it up! he whispered really loudly into his phone about five times "i can't talk. i'm in the THEE-TURR!" everyone around us laughed. yeah, it was kind of rude and stuff, but it just made me laugh. plus, he had a really weird ringtone of donald trump saying something like "Pick Up Your PHONE!" so bizarre.

anyway, after the movie, one guy drove me home, which i thought was so nice. we talked on the way and he seems like a nice guy. i'd go to another one of his events on MeetIN for sure.

the truth is, i wasn't going to go out tonight because i've felt shittier than shit all day long, but something inside of me told me that i HAD to. i always have this inner struggle with myself : I'll Go. No, I Won't. YES you will. NO I WON'T. in the end, the optimist inside me wins out and i end up going. and usually i'm really happy that i did. tonight is one example.

so, in summary, go see Transamerica. it was really good. there were some things that bothered me about it, but i'll have to get my thoughts together in order to write about it. i just need the movie to settle in my brain for a bit. it's playing at the Uptown theater and admission is $8.


Julie Du. said...

Glad you like the Uptown, HB! You should also check out the riverview theater sometime; not easy to get to without a car, but a gorgeous theater and seats are two or three bucks. They also host some super cool events with cheap or FREE tickets. I'll keep you posted...

By the way, matinees at Uptown and Landmark are only $5.25, and you can buy a pack of 5 tickets for $25 bucks, which can be used any time.

That completes today's tour of Minneapolis, compliments' of Cleopatra's Kitten:)

Honey Bunny said...

5 tickets for $25?!? i'm all over that!

thanks for letting me know!

fluffy said...

" i always have this inner struggle with myself : I'll Go. No, I Won't. YES you will. NO I WON'T."

yeah thats me to a T. its like two totally different personalities arguing with each other, especially when i go to shows. i think its cause im older now and im sooo over the hipster scene. i want to go to shows for the music, not for the fashion or to be seen, which seems to be more important to 90% of the kids at most shows. grrr..

Honey Bunny said...

oh, i hear you on that on, fluffy. i couldn't care less about what people are wearing or who is there to see who (or be seen by who). it's not as frustrating here in Mpls as it was in Boston, that's for sure. it seems like people here go out to have a good time and that's it. it's pretty refreshing, if you ask me.