Friday, February 17, 2006

Survivor and A BBQ Coma

phillip had the day off yesterday, so we both decided to do a whole lot of nothing. i do nothing every day, but yesterday was different! i got to do nothing with my husband. it was great.

after doing hours of nothing, we turned the tube on and watched Survivor. i seriously think i'm burned out from Survivor. it's no longer exciting or interesting. the challenges aren't even new or unique. the people on the islands aren't interesting and even the nightly thunder storms are boring.

i miss people like Rupert and Lex who had intense personalities. it just seems like there's no one you really love to hate or want to win this season (and last, for that matter). maybe i'm jumping the gun (since there have only been two shows thus far), but damn, this season is boring.

i'm looking forward to the next season of The Amazing Race. TAR and Survivor are the only weekly shows that we watch. i'm hoping that this season is better than the family edition of last year. man, that was a stinker, for sure.

after Survivor, phillip and i went to Famous Dave's BBQ in Calhoun Square. there was a Steely Dan cover band playing called Stealing Dan (oh, clever!). we're not Steely Dan fans, but it was still a nice time. i had the most amazing crispy chicken salad and phillip had BBQ chicken. the salad was even better than the one at Pizzaria Uno (which i'd get every time we went there) by a mile. and, of course, i HAD to get the bread pudding for dessert after Kelly recommended it. OH MY GOD! that had to be the tastiest bread pudding outside of my grannie's house. seriously delicious. i want to go back just for the dessert, for sure. the next time Mimi and Don are in town, we're totally taking them there. we think they would love it.
after dinner, we stopped by the Uptown bar, but we weren't feeling the music, so we left. we got home and collapsed onto the couch, bellies full of BBQ and bread pudding. we did some TV watching, and got to see She Wants Revenge on Letterman. i can't believe how big they are getting. it's pretty cool. although i think that justin should shave the 'stache. it's not a good look. but then again, i don't like moustaches on anyone.

i was supposed to have an interview today, but it was canceled. bah. i guess that's ok since today is frickin' freezing and i wasn't looking forward to standing outside at the bus stop. it's been rescheduled, so that's a good thing.

this blog entry is reading more like a LJ post. that bums me out.


Will said...

that looks like the best place in the world.

Anonymous said...

Who would've known Steely Dan had enough hits to warrant a cover band?