Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

another thing to add to the long list of things i love about minneapolis:

Happy Hour!

phillip and i went to drink! last night for dinner. since it was happy hour, they served $3 martinis and $2 domestic droughts. now how could we possibly turn that down? the whole time we're drinking these cheap drinks we kept thinking about how two drinks in boston would have cost us the same as four here in minneapolis. the martinis were so-so, but for three bucks, i wasn't complainin'! i had a blue one first and then i got a red one after that, but they both tasted exactly the same. i looked at the menu and noticed that they have the same ingredients, (only listed in a different order) but the only real difference was the blue curacao in one and the grenadine in the other. so that explains the color difference.

i've never been in a city where almost every bar you go to has a happy hour. it's awesome! i don't remember one bar in boston that had happy hour. but then again, i didn't go to many upscale bars at all, so maybe they had them. here, almost every place you go has happy hour. check out the link above to get a list of all the happy hour places in the city.

so we officially love happy hour!


Julie Du. said...

You should also check out Figlio's happy hour, which has $2 wines and these nummy mini hamburgers that come with a HEAP of nummy thin fries for two bucks a plate. You can't beat it!

Honey Bunny said...

oh man, julie. that sounds awesome. we'll have to check it out!

Bill P said...

Happy hours are actually illegal in Massachusetts! Isn't that just insane?

Honey Bunny said...

really, bill? that's completely stupid. but then again, the entire state still has some pretty dumb blue laws on the books.

maybe if MA had happy hours people wouldn't be so uptight!

ps) howyoudoin'?

klooney said...

is that why YOU are so uptight?


Honey Bunny said...

once again, klooney, you're not welcome here. what part of that don't you understand?

Something dirty said...

I learned today that MA's official donut is the Boston Cream, which, I mean, if you're in Massachusetts, that would be the donut to choose if you're going to have an official donut. That wasn't the surprise so much as the fact that they had an official donut at all.

Honey Bunny said... creme donuts.

are there any dunkin' donuts here in the TC's? i miss it.