Friday, February 24, 2006

Please Explain

can someone please explain to me why women (and some men, to be fair) watch soap operas? what's the appeal, exactly? i was just in our bedroom, folding clothes, when i decided to turn on our little TV. there, in all it's glory, is the Days of our Lives hourglass staring back at me. as i struggled to "watch" five minutes of the program, i couldn't help but roll my eyes and make gagging noises, all while wondering why so many people watch this stuff. i can't. it's just that difficult for me to watch.

but the Days of our Lives theme song and hourglass bring back good memories. i know that sounds weird after i just told you how much i loathe the show, but my grannie still watches it. she's watched Days since the first day it started. she knows all the characters and how many times they have died and come back to life. i remember during the summers when i was growing up, she'd always turn it on at 1:00 (east coast time), fix the four of us lunch (me, my two siblings, and grannie), and she'd listen to it while we ate. the weird thing is that she never actually sat down and watched the show, she was always racing back and forth between kitchens (she has two in her house), making jelly, or canning vegetables. i never understood how she could follow along since she never actually took the time to watch. but at the same time, that's what i loved about her. she's the queen of multi-tasking and makes no apologies for it. she's hardly ever just concentrating on one thing. i think that's where i got it from. i have to be doing a million things at once, and if i'm not, something just doesn't feel right.

so i decided to call my grannie and ask her if she's still watching the show. she said "of course!" and then proceeded to tell me that Calliope Jones is coming back to the show. that cracked me up because i remember that character from (literally) twenty years ago! she asked me if i watched "her soap" and i told her "no, but i had it on a few minutes ago while folding laundry". she said that she hates it but she can't stop watching it. she's in it for the long-haul.

i think it's part of her routine. i know all about routines. once you get into one, it's hard to break out of it. she's always put the TV on at 1pm, and snapped it off at 2. she doesn't watch any other soap opera, and my grandparents don't watch very much television at all, save for the news and (these past two weeks) the Olympics. although their favorite show to watch at night is Wheel of Fortune. that cracks me up, too. so i guess Days of our Lives is just part of her daily routine. and now it's part of my grandfather's routine too, since he was just laid off and is home all day with my grannie. i'm sure he's loving it.

so what attracts people to soap operas? are you a fan? if so, why? i don't understand the appeal, since it's a solid hour of bad acting, outrageous plot lines, and so many characters that it's hard to keep track. i don't know how my grannie follows along after all these years, that's for sure.

oh, and at the end of our conversation i told her about all the culinary delights i've made since we moved here, and before she hung up the phone she exclaimed:

"keep on cookin', girl!!"

i miss her, and her hungarian spunk.


Something dirty said...

I used to watch Days (or DOOL). I started in high school when Marlena was possessed by Satan -- who wouldn't want to watch that! I like trying to figure out what the hell is going on after not watching it for a year. Everybody's married to somebody else, the babies are grown up and gettin' into trouble. How are Shawn and Belle NOT related? His dad is her half brother's half brother, isn't he? That's related enough for me. Anybody? Anybody?

I met this cute construction worker once, he said he started watching Days in college, and now he watches when the weather's too bad for work.

White Men Can't Blog said...

So I officially read your blog now. I'm still in college, so I don't bump around Minneapolis that often. However, I can't imagine your isolation will last long; you seem to have a great personality.

Honey Bunny said...

that's hysterical! i think i remember seeing commercials for the 'posessed by satan' thing. i thought that was the strangest thing ever.

when i was home sick from school i'd have to stay over my grannie's house (my mom worked full time) and she's let me make crafty projects in the livingroom while Days was on. this was (OMG i'm old) in 1985 or so. i always thought the plot lines were weird then, i can only imagine them now.

Honey Bunny said...

dear white man (heh)-

thanks so much for the compliment! i'm glad you enjoy reading this. sometimes i think no one visits because i've just got boring crap to write. but i'm glad i have a new reader. that warms my black, oozing heart! heh. just kiddin' about the heart thing...

let me know when you're playing in the city again. i'll come out and see you.