Thursday, February 23, 2006

Here's Where I Edit An Entire Post Because I'm A Complete Idiot

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editor's note: i've had to update this story, so if you saw it posted early this morning, you might want to read through it again, for the "twist" at the end. you'll thank me.

i'm a little sad and upset about the events of last night. well, not all events. let me explain.

before i moved to minneapolis i joined meetIN so i could start to get to know people before i moved here. so far, i've been to one event (Transamerica movie night) and had a good time. last night we went to the Independent for a "mixer" event, after eating some of the best thai food we've ever had at Chaing Mai Thai (oh man, so good!). when we got to the bar, there were a ton of people there, but since we don't know anyone in the city yet, we weren't able to figure out who was with meetIN and who wasn't. sure, we could have asked everyone we passed, but we're shy people and that would have been hard for us. we weren't approached by anyone asking if we're new to the event or not, so we just got some drinks and sat on one of the couches. just the two of us. like always.

now, i'm definitely not complaining about being out at a swanky bar with my husband. he's wonderful company and i love spending time with him. it's just that we went there for the sole purpose of meeting people in this group. i don't want to pass judgment on anyone, but the people who were there didn't seem very approachable. they were in groups of three or more and seemed very into their clique (i don't mean that in the high-school-mean-girls kind of way) to want to talk to anyone else. we didn't see the woman who organized it at all, so we couldn't even introduce ourselves to her. it was pretty frustrating. and, (this is going to sound weird), lonely. how can one be lonely in a bar full of people AND with their loved one sitting right next to them? it's easy. and i felt that way last night.

so after our drinks, and not talking to one person, we left and went to the Uptown. the Uptown is much more our speed. i feel comfortable there, whereas at the Independent i felt like i stuck out like a sore thumb, yet went unnoticed by 60 people. i like the punk/hipster feel of the Uptown, even though it's not really a hipster hangout (if that makes sense). anyway, the point is, as soon as we got to the Uptown i felt a little better. although i keep pondering if i'll never make any friends here. i also wondered why i didn't recongnize anyone from the RSVPs. so weird. it kept going through my mind. i'm pretty good with remembering faces.

so this morning i sent a quick email to the organizer telling her that we were there, but we didn't see anyone who may be with meetIN. i suggested that someone wear a nametag or some other sort of identifier next time, so new people like me can seek them out.

i got a prompt reply from her, letting me know that the reason no one was there last night is because the event is TONIGHT! tonight, Thursday the 23rd. i wrote down "Wed. Feb 23" on my notepad, not even bothering to check the calendar. duh. no wonder.

and man, do i feel like a colossal idiot. the look on my face above says it all.

so i'm not sure if i'll go tonight or not, especially since phillip is working and i'll have to go alone. not that i'm not into going places alone, it's just that i RSVP'd the both of us. plus, with him with me, if things don't go well, at least i've got someone to talk to. plus, i'm pretty embarassed about the mix-up.

now that you know i'm a scatter-brained idiot at times, i'm still taking applications if you want to be my friend. you don't need to provide references, although that would be cool because then your friend can be my friend, too. all you need to know about me is that i'm extremely loyal, love to listen, not into gossip or rude behavior, and make a mean cup cake (to cheer you up if you're down). so, if this post hasn't totally turned you off an made me look completely pathetic (and a huge moron), i'd like to hear from you.

don't wait. applications will not be accepted after February 23, 2050. i figure if i don't have friends by the time i'm 80, it wasn't meant to be.

oh, by the way, i'm rockin' my new hair cut, complete with embarassed look (and double chin!) in this picture. it might not look any different, but it's about five inches shorter and i had her cut my bangs so they fall to the side. and there are layers (!!). i haven't had layers in my hair since i rocked the part-n-feather in '87!


Jessi said...

Yeah, I have not felt very comfortable at the Independent since I vomited in the entryway after three to many Raspberry Vodkas. My fave is Liquor Lyle's at Franklin and Hennepin, but only because they have 2-for-1 drinks.

I'm diggin' the bangs! (Hope this post doesn't seem freaky in that we don't really know each other.)

Honey Bunny said...

hey jessi-

oh no! i'm sorry to hear you tossed your cookies in a very public space. thankfully, i haven't done that yet!

and don't worry, your comment isn't freaky at all.

klooney said...

i did try be friendly at first but right away, for no good reason, you cut me down. oh well.

Honey Bunny said...


so the way to make friends with a woman is to insult their husband and proceed to call them fat?

great skills you got there! go you!

no one needs a friend like you, dude. no one.

Something dirty said...

Honey Bunny, let's be pals. I live in the relative boondocks, but I make it to the big city every so often. I am fun sometimes but kind of a dork. Not much to recommend me, but maybe I can come up with some references.

I've done the wrong day thing myself, so I feel your pain.

klooney said...

you first honey. you first.

actually, if you look at my very first comment (which you couldn't now since you deleted it), i wasn't. you insulted me first in your reply... something about my travels in africa, which i never mentioned, by the way. it wasn't even my site, for heaven's sakes. i think you're just pissed because of something i said in your other friend's blog. well, that's between me and her. i was not rude to you. you started that.

Honey Bunny said...


you must be thicker than a brick to think that when i said "you're not welcome here" that means i'd like for you to keep posting.

seriously, go away. and leave P alone. stalk somone less intelligent, mmmmkay?

Honey Bunny said...

dear something dirty-

sure! i'd love to be your pal. dorks are cool, so don't worry about that. let me know when you're in the city next and we can meet up for coffee or something. how's that?

-honey bunny

Something dirty said...


klooney said...

"i'm still taking applications if you want to be my friend."

did you or did you not write that?

"you must be thicker than a brick"

how should i respond to that? you must be fatter than a pig? is that what you want me to say? or: why don't you get off your lazy ass and get a job?

go ahead, continue with the insults. exchanging barbs is my specialty. didn't you know that? thing is, you'll lose.

"seriously, go away. and leave P alone."

leave P alone? who is P? are you P's babysitter? can he/she not take care of him/herself? um, i can come and go as i please. you must be "thick as a brick" to use your words, if you haven't noticed. i come here for the lol. lol. it's fun.

just like how ignorant you are you've never heard of happy hours. lol. keep up the lols!

Honey Bunny said...


i never said i never HEARD of Happy Hours. i said that MASSACHUSETTS bars/restaurants don't have them, therefore the residents of that state don't know just how awesome they are.

i don't even know why i'm explaining myself. oh wait, yes i do...because you're a misogynistic asshole with the IQ of gutter sludge.

once again, you're not welcome here. my blog is not for you. i suggest you move on and find someone else to spew your hatred at, okay?

you're pathetic. but i'm sure everyone tells you that all day long, so that's not news to you.

Honey Bunny said...

and LOL is only used by 13 year old boys and jackasses who still use AOL.

which one are you?