Friday, February 03, 2006

Our Minnesota Love Nest

some of you wanted to see our new place. we're not totally unpacked or organized or anything yet, but here are some photos.



we were supposed to get a swanky microfiber sofa, but suddenly the store sold the one we wanted to someone else. WTF?
so we saw these two on craig's list for CHEAP so we bought 'em. i'm going to get slipcovers to make them soon as i get a jobby job

phillip's DJ decks on a super hip glass table. awesome!






we'll obviously need to get a nicer table

photos of the bathroom and bedroom are next. our bedroom just has a bed and a dresser in it. pretty pathetic. and it's completely white...something we don't really like. so we're deciding on what to do with it. i'd like to paint it, but it's a weird stucco and i'm afraid it'll look bad. and the bathroom is hard to photograph because it's so tiny. but i'll try to do it later on in the week.

anyway, here it is...we're very happy here. we just need more art on the walls and slipcovers on the furniture and then it will be RADICAL!

i know you all want to come over and listen to The Cure and eat fondue with us, don't ya? DONTCHA?


paige said...

Amazing! After Boston you probably feel like you're in a mansion, there's so much space!

nita said...

i love fondue...

love the colors. you can totally paint the stucco stuff. get a roller with a wooly looking nap to fill the holes.

have fun :)!

Honey Bunny said...


hell yeah! it's almost like we don't know what to do with all the room! it's awesome.


i'll lok into that. there are patches where the stucco stuff has fallen off, so i think the paint would look weird in those spaces. and i don't know if i want to get into repairing stucco! :)

Voix said...

Welcome to MN, the land of kitchens with no counter space.

Looks like a lovely place. Good luck on the job hunt, I've totally got my fingers crossed for you.

Voix said...

Oh -- and try the fresh roasted coffee action at your nearest local Dunn Bros. Very good stuff. There's one on Hennepin and 34th.

You want to be a contributer to the Mpls Photoblog?

Honey Bunny said...


hell yes i would like to be a contributor! sign me up, ok??

Julie Du. said...

That is MY Dunn Bros., the one at 34th & Hennepin. Hey, if you ever think you recognize me, come on over and say "hiya." Okay?

the fanny said...

I love the color of your living room, though, I'm biased because mine is the same color :)

Congrats on your move!

Something dirty said...

I am drooling over your place, it is so awesome.