Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Petersen Flowers

Petersen Flowers
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when phillip and i headed out this morning, we saw people doing something (cleaning? construction?) at the shop on the corner. we didn't pay much attention to it as our bus was coming and we had to hop on.

but this afternoon we walked past and saw that the whole place was charred and smelled like smoke. there's "do not cross" tape all around it and on the sidewalk. it's Petersen Flowers and it's assumed that an arsonist torched the place at about 4:00 this morning.

this worries me. the shop is literally 100 feet from our apartment building, but we heard nothing. i didn't even smell anything, and i've got a really acute sense of smell. i think the reason (maybe) we were oblivious is because 1) our bedroom is at the opposite side of the house and 2) we are so used to hearing sirens and loud noises in boston that it just gets filtered out. we notice the silence more than anything (if that makes sense). so i was really surprised and totally bummed out when i saw the destruction of the building just now.

the place is boarded up by the whole storefront is plastered with condolences made by the kids who go to school down the street (i assume). it was really sad to see. i wanted to take more photos, but i was asked to leave. i agreed.

things like this just totally bum me out. not only because it's literally so close to home, but because it was a little flower shop, you know? it just seems like it was an innocent little building, just minding it's own business. a little building that now ceases to exist.

you can click on the photo to see more photos i took, as well as just how close we really are to the shop.


Anonymous said...

Ads by Google? You must be getting hard up eh?

Honey Bunny said...


obviously. although i'm hardly ashamed of it.

you would have known that if you read my post about it here.

thanks for stopping by. hope you enjoyed your stay.

-honey bunny

A. Noni said...

Well, if you're not ashamed of it, you ought to. If you can't afford to get on the Net, you shouldn't be begging people to click on some silly little graphic. Where is your pride? What the hell am I talking about? You have none. Here you are believing that you have some awesome and amazing writing skills. Sorry but you're neither awesome OR amazing. You're laughable. Go out there and get a job, you stupid bum!

Honey Bunny said...

i've never once claimed i have "awesome" or "amazing" writing skills. but thanks for showing your ignorance by putting words in my mouth.

it's people like you who suck all the fun out of having a blog. but for some reason i think that makes you sleep better at night.

go out and get a life, would you? it's a friday night, for god's sake!

ps) figures it's a loser from massachusetts who would leave an anonymous comment here. god, how i love my stat counter. and the fact that i moved out of that fucked up state.

Julie Du. said...

Bitterness and resentment in the Blogosphere?!? Ick. Makes my stomach hurt.

I think we should be telling "A Noni" that he or is the one who needs to go find something else to do. Yeah, you have so much "pride" that you have to remain anonymous. Does your mother know you talk like this?? You should be ashamed of your disparaging comments to Ms. Honey Bunny. Geesh!

Honey Bunny said...

thanks, julie. some people have no lives whatsoever. looks like our friend a. noni is one of them.

i'd also like to point out that clicking on the google ads will hardly make me wealthy. in fact, for every 100 clicks i get something crazy like TWELVE CENTS. OMG! where's the champagne?

so keep bitching, a. noni. me and my readers love a good laugh.