Thursday, February 09, 2006

Scary Stuff!

today's task was to make a cute runner for our little table in the hallway. well, i couldn't get past setting up my new sewing machine. just look at it. if you're not scared, you're everything i hope to be. i'm a pretty good seamstress. i'm able to make things without a pattern (although i prefer using one; it's a lot less stressful!) and i could thread my old machine in 3 seconds. this machine, however, has a manual that is 100 pages long, plus a video to watch in order to figure out how to thread the thing. i'm scared. i'm sure i'll figure it out with minimal cursing and hairpulling.

and this song makes me happy at the moment. it's snowing like crazy here. i haven't seen this kind of snow since the awful blizzard we had in boston last january where we got three feet of snow and i wasn't able to see phillip for three days! this makes me a bit nervous because 1) i always get paranoid that the power will go out and i'm here without a flashlight, candles, or a match to my name and 2) that phillip will get stuck out there on his way home from work and i won't see him ever again. irrational? you don't need to tell me twice.

you'd think i'd be used to the snow and blizzards by now. after all, i did grow up in the catskills and lived in new england for 12 years. heh. i'm such a dork.


Anonymous said...

Ladytron kicks so much ass. I've been obsessed with them since 604!

Also, sewing machine not scary! Actually that one looks pretty friendly. I'm guessing it's a Singer?

~Lesley / always_in_drag

Honey Bunny said...

yep! it's a singer!

i just have to get the patience to sit down and read through the "how to thread this beast" booklet :)