Sunday, February 12, 2006

Take a Look into My Pantry!

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today, phillip's mom and her husband don came over for dinner. they got here at about 2 and before i started cooking, mimi took me to the grocery store so i could buy enough food to last us a month.

it's still such a shock at how affordable things are here. we got enough food to last us a month (that's just one section of our pantry) and i spent less than $150! i swear that we spent that much on a week's worth of chow in boston. man, i'm so happy to leave the overpriced everything behind on the east coast.

dinner was nice. i made chicken, green beans, and introduced don and mimi to the cullinary delight that is Pasta Roni. i made my favorite kind and everyone enjoyed it very much. the next time they come over i'll make something a little less, uh, college-meal-plan, and something more elegant. heck, maybe i'll make a hot dish! ;)

you can click on the photo to be taken to my flickr account. you can see more photos and enjoy the 20+ notes i added to the pictures. now that's what i call Fun With Flickr.

goodnight everyone.

ps) i am not a bad wife. i bought lots of fruits and veggies, only i decided not to take a photo of the inside of the fridge. maybe some other time.

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