Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thank You!

thank you, michele, for the very sweet post today. that made my day and i'm doing a lot better. it helped that today was beauiful. i don't think i've ever seen a sky as blue as the one that hangs over minnesota. i couldn't be happier to declare this state my new home.


Lucas said...

Glad you are feeling more at home in Minnesota! I am on vacay right now but promise when I get home, we will get together to finally meet. Don't worry, I will come to you since I have a car. Till then, take a breath, look up and let it all soak in. You are surrounded by greatness. And this, from a non-native. Do not despair. You have made a great decision.

Honey Bunny said...

hey lucas!

thanks so much! it'll be great to meet you. i hope the weather gets better for you. i've never been to florida, dontchaknow.

hehe. had to sneak that in there ;)

Julie Du. said...

Oooh -- you're learning the lingo, HB!! Now, do you know the difference between a casserole and a hot dish??

Honey Bunny said...

hahah! i tease my husband all the time about hot dish. i think i know the difference:

hot dish is a decidely midwestern food made of meat, potatoes, and vegetable, right? whereas a casserole is a hot dish consumed anywhere but the midwest?


hilarity said...

i'm sitting here wondering what kind of person would be so excited and so happy to move to a place like minnesota.

all i can think of is u must have lived in some pretty crappy places.

sorry to hear about that. sorry to hear u moved to another crappy place. minnesota is the shits.

Honey Bunny said...

dear hilarity-

you realize i know who you are, right? every time you visit my blog and leave a comment i get your IP address. in fact, i can see exactly who is reading my blog at any time with a click of a button. technology is awesome, dontchaknow.

i can also see that you've been here for a total of 24 minutes and 55 seconds so far. also what pages you troll. for some reason, they are only the two pages concerned with my financial status.

i suggest you find yourself a life and stop worrying so much about mine. and no matter how many handles you make up (A. Noni, hilarity, etc), i know you're all the same person.

i don't like to name-call, but goddamn it, you're fucking pathetic.

honey bunny

hilarity said...

actually YOU are fucking pitiful. if you know who i am then you should know better than to fuck with me in the first place. do not leave shitty comments if you don't like me to do the same. because you know what? i can do this indefinitely.

Honey Bunny said...

dear hilarity-

are you threatening me? i'd like for you to point out how i 'started shit' with you. please. me and my readers are more than curious.

you're just making shit up to look cool. it's not working. you're still pathetic and seriously socially stunted. got nothing to do in your city right now? that's sad.

you provide serious laughs here. and you know what? I can do this indefinitely, too.