Saturday, February 11, 2006

What A Way To Spend A Saturday Morning!

i'm feeling much better today, despite the obnoxious and annoying anonymous comments left here by a socially stunted individual with nothing better to do on a friday night. i've logged their IP and moved on.

it's a beautiful day out and in a little while i think i might take the bus to uptown and walk around calhoun square. maybe get some gellato (every day i think about it and every day i get side-tracked and forget about it) and a magazine to read. the husband has made his way to work already, so i decided to take an hour this morning and update/organize my MP3 player.

there's no better feeling than having everything organized. well, at least for me. i'm pretty obsessive-compulsive when it comes to organizing my music, books, and movies. maybe it's because of all those years working at the book store or video place. at any rate, i feel relaxed after i alphabetize or catogorize. weird, huh?

anyway, here are five songs i've recently added to my MP3 player that i think everyone should add to theirs (not in alphabetical order):



Voix said...

Hey Honey Bunny -- cool thing going on tonight -- Eric Larson (one of the Hamline gang) is doing a reading with some other cool people at Patrick's Cabaret. Starts at 8, 6 dollar cover, and you should get there early to get good seats.

I'll be free for some kvetching time soon, but my work/school schedule is really hectic right now.

Hope you're feeling better today. And you're doing a great job with the photos!


Honey Bunny said...

hey michele!

thanks, but phillip and i have other plans for tonight :( let me know when something like this happens again and i'll be there!

and yes, i'm feeling much better!