Monday, March 27, 2006

Doing Better, Thank You

I'm doing better. Thanks everyone for their kind words. I think I just have to take things slowly and not worry about too much stuff at once. That's my biggest problem.

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our household. Her name is Lola and she's the sweetest kitty anyone could ask for.

She's about a year old. We found her on Craig's List. She's been bounced around from house to house because she doesn't get along with kids. The woman who gave her to us said that her daughter was convinced that the cat could dance. It took the cat (who they called "Cat") sinking her claws into the kid for them to say "enough!" So we said we'd take her and we're glad we did.

We named her Lola after the character in one of our favorite movies. She's so purry and cuddly and loveable. She's still a little skittish, but that's to be expected. She hid under the couch for 8 hours yesterday and wouldn't come out. About an hour before Phillip came home she decided to scope the place out. Of course, she fell in love with Phillip right away. Me on the other hand, not so much:
She got me good. But this was when she first arrived. She hasn't scratched or bit me since. I'm seriously allergic to cats (as you can see by the swollen welts) and I thought I'd made a mistake by agreeing to take the kitty. But I figure I'll be used to her hair and dander in a week or two. Phillip is having a tough time as well. His eyes got all red and swollen last night and he's been itchy and sneezy like me. I'm sure we'll be ok in a little while. We don't want to give her up, so we're grinning and bearing it :)

She loves to look out the windows, so we leave the blinds up for her. She loves scratches under her chin and she's very vocal. I was worried that she didn't eat anything last night, but then she found her food and water bowls in the kitchen and went to town.

We love Lola. She's the prettiest kitty this side of the Mississippi.

she doesn't like the flash


soapboxhero said...

Yay! She is so precious.

My husband is allergic to cats, too, and when we first got our cat, Simon, he had to take Zyrtec everyday. Now, after almost 3 years, he only takes the Zyrtec when he goes visiting people with pets.

I'm sure you will love her and the companionship a pet brings. And the allergic reactions will soon pass.

Karyn said...

My husband is allergic to cats, but after we moved in together and I had two cats, it seemed that after awhile his allergic reaction disappeared almost completely.

I just asked him "Does LuLu still give you an allergic reaction?"

"Only if we kiss."

Lucas said...

Our cat was 2 and a half when we found him and brought him home. He was guarded at first too, but now he totally trusts us and even lets us scratch his belly which is a place cats tend to protect. He's awesome and has brought us a lot of laughs. I'm sure your kitty will do the same for you. Enjoy!

Something dirty said...

kitty kitty kitty
Looks like a very nice cat!

I spent the weekend with cat people, I still feel a little allergy-ish, but it was worth it. Definitely try zyrtec or something, it will make you feel much better.

cat said...

She is beautiful, and I am sure with time she will love you as well. It sometimes depends on if she has had a bad experience with a women in the past, then it will take her longer to accept and trust you. I know you will love the unquestionable love and attention that she will give you guys. I would be lost without my boy. I got him when he was 2, from the Humane Society, they found him as a stray, and it took MANY months for him to trust anyone but me. (I literally nursed him back to health and from dieing from pneomonia when I got him, so he trusted me right away)but it too exceptional time to warm up to males. Still will not be near a person who smokes, does not like smoke smell. So, give her time, she will get warmed up to you!
CONGRATS on the new addition!

Honey Bunny said...


she seems to love me, which is good. she follows me around all day long and loves it when i play with her. she hasn't warmed up to phillip just yet. she still bites him a little, but that might be her way of playing? she won't sit in his lap for very long, but she'll stay right next to me for hours if i let her.

it's probably because i'm home with her all day and phillip only sees/plays with her when he's off from work. she's still a darling and we love her and very happy she's part of our home :)