Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patty's Day, Y'awl

i don't know why i use 'y'awl'. i'm not southern. hell, i've never even been to florida.

anyway, i was thinking about St Patty's Day and wondering how happy the people who have jobs and like to party are. this year, they have the perfect setup. i'm betting that a lot of folks out there are leaving their job early today so they can start the Pub Crawl with their friends. get all dressed up in their most fabulous green attire. maybe throw on some green and gold beads left over from mardi-gras. and i'm sure each and every one of them will have consumed a guinness, a sam adams, and a budweiser tinted green before the night is through. by midnight, they will be incoherent, makeup smeared, have beer spilled on their khakis, and maybe (if they are lucky) face down in someone's puke. hey, it's happened to me, so who am i to judge?

but the thing that i'm sure all employed people are stoked about (besides the fact that today's holiday allows them to get completely shitfaced without a single person giving a damn) is that today is Friday! that means tomorrow is Saturday! they don't have to worry about leaving the party early or having to deal with a hang over at work the next day! i can't count how many St. Patty's Day alcohol binges found me seriously hurting at work or in class the next day. of course, this happened when i was much, much younger and i'm more responsible now, for sure. i cant handle more than 3 or 4 drinks and i always have a hang over in the morning. ahh...the joys of getting old.

so i wish all you employed people a Happy Drinkin' Day. have fun, be safe, and remember - tomorrow is Saturday.

ps) the chicks in my building have already started the partying. its only 9:30am!! you go girls!


Lucas said...

Yeah! Girls who party. Woot! Woot! I think I may be going to the parade all by my lonesome today. :( But I hope to hook up with some friends tonight and drink some green beer. I hope to avoid the vomit though.

Honey Bunny said...

aww...have a good time! today i'm working on crafty projects. i was going to go to st. paul to get my drivers license (my mom found my original birth certificate), but i want to avoid any parade-type congestion.

Hue B. Mooksuki said...

That picture of David Hasselhoff (sp?) made me laugh my arse off. I thought he was german.

Unemployed people can drink too, they do it all the time.

So aren't you and your hubby from Boston? I'm sure St. Patty's day in bean town is real hoot.

Anyhoo, i'll be getting Ted Kennedy drunk tonight, and although I'm pleased it is Saturday... I have kids. So tomorrow will be filled with Bloody Marys and Shitty Diapers...

By the way, Whitey says, "Erin Go Braugh!"