Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Rundown

accomplished today:

  • got out of bed
  • showered
  • drank coffee; cringed that it was starbucks (i miss dunkin donuts french vanilla)
  • ate Arby's for the first time since i was 14; kinda sorta regret it, even though beef is tasty
  • went to Rainbow with the hubby
  • caught the bus by the skin of our teeth
  • came home with a month's worth of groceries for a mere $80
  • put them all away
  • downloaded the PC version of the classic Zelda game
  • flashed back to 1986 for a good hour or two
  • took a nap
  • made biscuits and left over stew for dinner
  • watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
  • made the hubby laugh
  • played more Zelda

    if you want the Zelda game, which rocks HARDCORE, just click here.

    oh yes. you'll thank me.

    tomorrow i'm spending the day with the mom-in-law. she's taking me to st. paul so i can get my driver's license (gotta take the pesky written test to transfer my MA license to MN); to get a new social security card with my married name on it; and to try and file for unemployment.

    wish me luck.

    cat said...

    Cool, a list of what you got done! Those are always cool. I always make a list of to do's or have done's at least 3 times a week! Great accomplishments!

    Good luck on your drivers test! You will do fine! Then good luck with all the other fine government agencies you need to see!

    Julie Du. said...

    Good luck on the test, HB! And good luck with the DMV at the Midway. Frankly, there are very few places I hate going more than there, but I did get my moto license there years ago, so I left you some good vibes.

    Honey Bunny said...

    thanks cat and julie-

    i hope today is a speedy process, although i'm sure it won't be, especially since i'm dealing with government agencies. blah.