Sunday, April 23, 2006

Captain Organic

Captain Organic
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We saw this dude while we were waiting for the bus last night. He said he works for Galatic Pizza and his name is Captain Organic. Phillip said "What are your superpowers?" and Captain Organic said "I can detect pesticides and other nasties in your vegetables from a great distance!" I thought that was pretty funny.

He let us know about the 4:20 deal. Call between 4:10 and 4:30 and get $4.20 off your order. Pretty sweet! We might have to take advatage of that sometime soon.

I love Minneapolis!


Julie Du. said...

That's our favorite pizza delivery place! We always order our own concoction, a spicy-peanut sauce with proscuitto. JP's (next door to Galactic) has something very similar on the menu.

Lucas said...

I think it's funny that they have a 4:20 deal. There's something about 4/20 that is a reference to smoking weed. But since I'm old and unhip, I can't remember why or how that came about. I'm guessing Captain Organics alter ego is Captain Chronic!