Sunday, April 23, 2006

Our Adventure to The Quest

Last night, Phillip and I went to The Quest (webpage not available) to see three bands: Clear Static, Shiny Toy Guns, and Kill Hannah. When we saw the crowd of people hanging outside, we realized that we were (probably) going to be the oldest people there. We're not used to all-ages shows, since Boston doesn't allow them at pretty much all their venues. Sure, you can see an all ages ska or punk show, if you're willing to travel to Gloucester and visit the art space. But by and large, all shows were either 18 or 21+. I haven't been to an all ages show since I can remember.

Anyway, after we got over the fact that we're both older than (almost) everyone there - including the members of all three bands - we found a spot near the stage and waited for Clear Static to come on. Clear Static was the band we really wanted to see, so we were glad we didn't miss them. They sounded really good. The lead singer was very dramatic, and had a pretty good stage presence. It's also good that they had a lot of energy. But the majority of the kids in attendance were there for Kill Hannah, so not many people were moving about or dancing to the music. Another reason to Feel Really Old is because half the kids there,weren't even born when the song Talking In Your Sleep was released. Clear Static covers it pretty well, though. Their set seemed really short to me, but maybe it's because I know all their songs. That happens to me a lot. Like the first time we saw She Wants Revenge. The show seemed to be over as soon as it started, and it left me wishing they would play on. I felt the same with Clear Static. And as Phillip said when they were done, "I bet they are going to be big." I think he might be right.

We went to the bar to get a couple of drinks. In that area, you can see down to the first floor. There was a dreadful metal band on stage that sounded like Creed. Ugh. We had about 15 minutes till Shiny Toy Guns came on, so we cringed and tried to stop our ears from bleeding as we "listened" to the bad Creed band. Yuck.

About two songs into the Shiny Toy Guns set, I went to the bathroom (I missed them play Le Disko). While I was in there, I was basically assaulted by a woman who probably JUST turned 21. Phillip was checking her out about 20 minutes earlier (don't worry, I don't feel threatened or anything. seriously) because she was wearing an outfit that made her boobs pretty much fall out AND she looked like she was going to fall over from drinking so much. So I'm in line, waiting to use the bathroom, with a punk rock chick behind me, when the Loud Drunk Boobie Girl says "HI!" to me, really loud. Now, right before this, she had been (literally) screaming about Myspace back and forth with two other chicks in there. I don't know what they were saying about Myspace, and I didn't care. I just had to go real bad. So when
Loud Drunk Boobie Girl grabs my hand and says "Come over here", I pull away and say "No thanks." "WHY NOT? I WON'T HURT YOU!," she screams. I pull away and say "I have to pee real bad. I'll just wait here, thanks." Well, she doesn't like it that I'm not giving her attention. She then DEMANDS that I come over there. "KISS MY CLEAVAGE!" she says to me. "Uh, no thanks, " I tell her. Then the two girls she was Myspace-screaming with say "I'll kiss it!!" I just turn to the punk rock chick behind me and roll my eyes. She's trying not to laugh at how ridiculous these three chicks are. So the stall opens up and I go in. They keep screaming about kissing cleavage and how hot Loud Drunk Boobie Girl is. The things is? She was really unattractive. I mean, she had seriously bad skin, which she tried to mask with about a pound of concealer, and her dress was so ill-fitting that she looked ridiculous. Not to mention that she was wearing stripper shoes, and for all of you who don't know, I think stripper shoes belong on strippers and only strippers. But then again, she could have been a stripper for all I know...

So I head back to the Ascot Room and find Phillip. After Shiny Toy Guns set was over, I relay the story to him. He laughed. I laughed. But I really didn't appreciate being told to kiss some chicks titties in a dirty club bathroom. That's something I'd do on my own if I really wanted to. Heh. I kid...

Then Kill Hannah came on and all the 14 year old girls erupted into a screaming, giddy frenzy. It was so strange to watch. But I guess if I were 14 and in love with a lead singer, I'd be all giddy and screaming, too. The kids knew all the words to all the songs and they screamed them out. I was not really familiar with Kill Hannah, except for a few songs Phillip played for me. Well, they covered Rebel Yell, so of course I knew that one. I am not really into them. They are too high school Emo for my tastes. But again, I can see how the 14 year old girls would love them.

After the show ended, we decided to go to The Gay 90s. We paid our $5 admission and went upstairs to see the drag show. It was weird. We're used to the drag queens in Boston leaving the stage and interacting with the crowd. The girls here didn't leave the stage at all. They must get paid a really high hourly wage, because they weren't getting many tips at all. The girls in Boston must take home hundreds in tips a night. I don't see how the girls here could make any money if they don't leave the stage. So that experience was weird. Or maybe it was an off night. The crowd didn't seem too into it, and the drag queens didn't dance around much at all. So it was a total snooze fest. We left after about 4 performances.

I had too much to drink so I was feeling queasy on the way home. But I arrived without blowing chunks on anyone. We had a good time last night. I like the Quest a lot. We're going back tomorrow, since my friend Mike plays with his band Damone in the Ascot Room.


Julie Du. said...

I can totally picture Loud Drunk Boobie Girl -- and her bad skin and stripper shoes. Great story, HB!

Lucas said...

Ha ha! Emo! I just learned about Emos a few weeks ago when my ultra hip teenage neices and nephew informed their sad, old, out of date auntie (me) about them.