Sunday, April 02, 2006

Here's What Happens When I'm Bored

I made this totally cheezy video of Lola on muvee auto producer. A cheezy piece of PC software deserves a cheezy song, right? Click on the photo to watch.


Something dirty said...

HB, I didn't know your name was Jeanne. Nice to meet you Jeanne! My for really real name is Jaime, btw. I love this movie, I believe on they would refer to it as both 'prosh' and 'anerable. I am linking to it.

Honey Bunny said...

hi jaime! yeah, that's my name.

it's french, bitch!

(just channeling Steven Colbert!)

thanks for linking :)

cat said...

That was PURRFECT for your girl! She is adorable!

Whitey said...

I sure wish things would have worked out with MY adoption (I HATE HUEZINE) NOW I'M TRAPPED IN THIS DAMN OFFICE AND LOLA IS GETTING VIDEOS MADE OF HER.

If I run away, I'm going to your house!


Whitey the cat

Honey Bunny said...

Dear Whitey-

I'm sorry you weren't able to come live at our house. But I'm sure you get lots of love where you are. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Your friend,

ps) you can run to our house any day!