Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Thought I Left this Crap in Boston!

Dear Metro Transit:

I hate you.

Thanks for breaking down in the middle of 35W and not sending a "rescue bus" for OVER AN HOUR! Hello! The bus breaks down at 4:40 and you don't think it's a big deal when the new bus hasn't arrived by 5:40? WTF?

I normally get home at 5:00, but because of your lack of skills in the EVERY department, I didn't get home till 6:15! I left campus at 4:30.

Next time I'll trust my gut and NOT run to catch the first available bus. Nope. I'll wait the extra 10 minutes. The irony is too much. I was in a hurry to get home tonight to see my husband and cat and maybe fix a nice meal before Survivor. But you RUINED IT!

I hope you're happy for messing up the lives of 40 people crowded onto your stupid brokedown chassis.

Hating you deeply,


ps) I now know the meaning of Minnesota Nice. People screamed and complained and threatened to call the police if the bus didn't arrive within thismanyminutes. And then when it DID arrive and it took them to their bus stop, they joyfully exited the bus, making sure to turn to the driver and say "Thank you! Have a good night! Bub-bye!" WTF is that?

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