Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jug Lady

Jug Lady
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this isn't the first time i've seen a person with one of those enormous jugs under their arm since i've moved here. here's a woman with her jug waiting for the bus. she was sippin' from it, too. i watched her while I waited for my bus to arrive.

those huge jugs are so weird. i mean, unless it's water, what beverage could someone love (and need) THAT MUCH? i love ice coffee, but you won't catch me drinking an enormous jug full or carrying it under my arm like a bag of groceries. and you've got to be either oblivious or seriously self assured to carry that monstrosity around. i saw another redneck type guy waiting for the bus with the same jug, only his was blue. oh, and he had a mullett.

i think the last time i saw one of those jugs was on jerry springer. i'm pretty sure they bought those at Wal-Mart.


LuvSeals Soaps said...

they say "you are what you eat..."

at the risk of sounding cruel, that lady looks like she's slowly morphing into a jug herself.

20 bucks and a soap basket says there's some liquor in that thing!!!

Honey Bunny said...

i used to make my own soaps, too. i had a company and everything. but then it got too big for me to handle so i had to give it up.

and yeah, that was kind of cruel. i'm all about being size positive here (so you know). and i would have to disagree. i don't think there's liquor in it. something sugary or caffinated, sure. but not liquor.

Anonymous said...

think positively--maybe it's water...


Lucas said...

When I first moved here, all I saw were people eating popcorn from red and white striped cardboard boxes. I thought all Minnesotans had some strange popcorn fetish!

And I agree with anon. I think it's water. That jug most likely holds the required 64 ounces jug lady needs daily.

Honey Bunny said...

maybe it's kool aid. because i swear it was not a clear beverage coming out of the straw as she sipped it.

i need to drink more H2O...