Thursday, April 13, 2006

Important Bullet Points for Today

  • Not sure if I like my job or not. It's seriously stressful, there's a ton of work, people are really cold, and no one seems to care about training me. And I realized today that there's no "moving up". I'm already at the top (as far as positions are concerned) and so I'm never going to advance. I think I might give it my 6 months (probationary period where I can leave or they can fire me for any reason) and then look elsewhere.

  • I don't get paid till April 26. And I'm broke right now. Bah.

  • The Sox game pissed me off last night.

  • After waiting SIX MONTHS, I finally got the savings bond replaced that was stolen when our apartment was robbed. You don't know how happy this maked me. I can now pay off an entire credit card OR buy a used car with the money. Score!

  • Our house is a mess and we're knee deep in cat hair.

  • Lola likes to jump in the air for no reason at all. Straight up. And then she'll bolt back and forth, up and down the hallway until she runs into a wall and has to stop. Oh, and she won't stop eating cardboard. It's all over the floor and everywhere. Silly Lola.

  • Lola also won't stop biting me. She plops on the floor, just begging to have her belly rubbed. But if I go in for a pet, she'll bite me. So I've resorted to "petting" her with my foot. Check out what she does. That thing she does with her feet makes me laugh like crazy:

  • Survivor is on tonight, and we're eating steak for dinner.

    cat said...

    Too bad about your job... see what happens. I think you are smart to give it the 6 months, and then if you are unhappy to move on!

    As far as Lola, jumping straight up in the air and running until she hits the wall, that is when my sister and I say to our kitties, "who put the firecracker under your butt!" it is strange. And the kicking and biting thing, my kitty used to do that too. And your foot works good, or wear a shirt with long enough sleeves that you can pull it down over your hand. That works for me. My vet says it is just the way they play fight. It is a natural instinct he says.

    Glad you are enjoying her still so much! I know I would be lost without my boy. Say, have you found any of her baby teeth? I know sometimes people find them when they fall out... my Luther was 2 when I got him, so no baby teeth. But I have heard a lot of people do find them...

    Have a great weekend!

    Honey Bunny said...

    no, i haven't found any of her teeth yet. i hope to, though! that would be soooo cute!

    i'll have to start wearing long sleeves for sure. my hands and arms are all scratched and bitten up.

    i love lola. she's the best.