Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today I Learned...

  • that the WBOB is pretty much within walking distance from my office. My co-worker drove me there this morning and I felt like a tool because I could have just walked (it would have taken me about 25 min). But hey, I'm new. Cut me some slack.

  • that the WBOB has frickin' amazing views of Minneapolis. OMG. I pretty much just hung out on the 5th floor for an hour before my second training class started, staring out the windows at the awesome view. So pretty.

  • I hate accounting. I hate numbers. I hate purchase orders. And I hate the fact that I have to attend three more classes so I can spend time shuffling all the paperwork I'm responsible for. I'm not a science/math person. I'm an arts/crafts person.

  • the huffington post is pretty damn funny, not to mention informative. I spent 4 hours reading about the newest shit to hit the fan in the white house today, instead of paying attention in my accounting class. Did I mention I hate accounting?

  • I ♥ Minneapolis now that it's warm and sunny out. I mean, I loved it before, but I love it even more now.

  • my cat loves me and needs to be next to me at all times. Today, I went to the bathroom and she followed me. She even got into her little litter house to do a doodle. She's silly.

  • that all my tests came back "normal" and I've got a clean bill of health. Rock on.

  • that I'm not going to last much longer at my job. I love the U, but can't stand my department. I'll try to move to a different college. Maybe one that's not dominated by men and science.
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