Thursday, April 20, 2006

She Wants Revenge - First Avenue

I'm posting exactly what I wrote as soon as I got home on Tuesday. Please ignore the spelling/grammar errors. Lucas wanted to know how the show was, so here ya go:

the She Wants Revenge show tonight was ok. i mean, the band was great. they sounded great and looked great (justin finally changed his outfit!) but goddamn it, the crowd sucked. well, at least the crowd that was around us. some fucking tool dressed in a white sweater and khakis thought it would be fun to start a mother fucking mosh pit AT A SHE WANTS REVENGE SHOW! what the fucking fuck? they play DANCE MUSIC! so p and i were sucked into it and that pissed me off to no end. not to mention that the friend of the tool in the white sweater thought he was OMG SO KEWL! for starting shit up that she proceeded to jump up and down ON TOP OF ME! i shoved her pretty good after the evil eye (read: quit it, bitch!) i gave her didn't do the trick. but then her friend thought it would be a good idea to jump around like a tool as well and she came down HARD two or three times on my foot. and she was wearing HEELS. OWWWWWW! that pissed me off more than anything. i elbowed her good and then shoved the other fucking bitch away from me. she turned around and said "hey!" and i screamed "STOP FUCKING JUMPING INTO ME LIKE AN ASSHOLE!" we lasted about 30 more seconds in that mess before i said "let's get out of here" to p. we retreated to the back of the club for the last few songs. those tools and bitches totally ruined my night.

but it felt REALLY good when i shoved that chick out of my space. sometimes i wish i could do that more often.

i saw justin hanging outside smoking while i was smoking. i should have asked him if he would take a picture with me, but i was bashful. now i wish i would have because we didn't get any good photos at all. here's the only "good" one, and it sucks.

but seriously, i thought SWR put on a better show at TTs - the only thing i truely miss about Boston.


fluffy said...

lol dont feel bad. i went to my first tampa show last night.

it was all ages at a freakin skate park in the middle of a shipping district. basically it was a giant warehouse with a tiny stage in the corner.

was one of the weirdest shows ive been to, and it didnt help that i was one of the oldest people there. and no beer either, fer chrissakes.

kinda made me miss boston nightclubs too. still the only thing i miss too about boston though.

cat said...

I know how it really sucks to have some stupid fucks mess up a good show. seems to be happening more and more at 1st Ave shows. That place used to be SO cool, but now it is almost trendy to go to 1st Ave. that really sucks. being born and raised here in the cities, i have seen a lot of good bands play there with great crowds who just got it, unlike the peoples you ran into, or should i saw got run over by, last night. That sucks. Just try and remember how good the band was, not those tools!

Lucas said...

HB- Glad the band played well but sorry you ran into some tools. Glad you moved away from them but (and pardon me while I put on my counselor hat for a moment) by letting them ruin your expirience, you gave them all the control. So fine, they sucked, so move away and continue to have a great time! That way you continue to be in control of your own evening and you show those fuckers that they didn't bother you a bit. Please know that I'm guilty of letting others spoil my good time, I'm not saying I'm not. But the psychobabble I learned while working with EBD kids sometimes comes in handy so I just thought I'd share.

BTW, you've lived here a matter of months and you've already been to First Ave. I've lived here 5 years and I still have yet to make that pilgramige. You rock. I suck.

Honey Bunny said...

haha! lucas, you don't suck!

i DID have a good time. i was with my hubby that makes me very happy. we had a good dinner and some good drinks. the opening band was good, too. i just can't tolerate people who have disrespect for others around them. i wouldn't behave that way, you know?

anyway, i know what you're saying. i also think that i felt extra pissed at the situation because it's that time of the month and, well, hormones are a funny thing ;)

Lucas said...

Oh yeah. That'll do it! My already low tolerance for people absolutely plummets!

Paderau Rozier said...
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