Monday, May 29, 2006

Goodbye, Mr. Mammoth. It Was Nice Knowing You

We have decided to sell the 12,000btu beast Phillip bought yesterday. He didn't listen to me when I said it was way too big for our apartment. I suggested something half the size, but since he proudly sports a Y chromosome, he thought bigger would be better (don't they all?). It cooled the place down nicely last night, but this morning when he went to turn it on, it blew the fuse again. So Phillip bought new fuses and got the power back on. The fuses blew two more times, even though we had nothing running. So we decided that Mr. Mammoth is cursed (read: too damn big) and we must get rid of it now.


We need to sell this ASAP. $250 or best offer. We paid $280 for it less than 24 hours ago. You must come get it since we don't have a car. We're on the first floor with a parking spot right next to the window it sat in, so it'll be easy to move to your car or truck. here's our craig's list ad for more information. Seriously, this a/c is a beaut, but it's too much of a Mammoth for our old, decrepit building to handle. Our loss is your gain.


If your interested, email me or call the number on the CL ad. I hope to see one of you on my doorstep just waiting to get your hands on our A/C!!


Karyn said...

dang it! those Y chromosomes'll get you every time...

I hope you're not a/c-less for too long...summer is no time to be without one.

In our pre-a/c days, there was many an evening we spent at the local "family restaurant" (you know the one with the golden arches) in their FREE a/c reading their free newspapers and chillin' to the sounds of cheeseburgers hardening people's arteries.

hope you sell it soon!

Honey Bunny said...

hi karyn-
we have an a/c in the bedroom that is 6Kbtu, so we're not without the cool electric breezes :) we just can't power this mammoth in the livingroom because it's a BEAST!

one summer before we were married, phillip's evil room mate purposely cut out the power to their apartment on the hottest day of the year. his room mate went to work in an a/c'd department store and left us sweltering in the apartment. this was before phillip knew how to fix the circuit breaker in the building. we couldn't stand being in the hot apartment so we spent the day at the movies and at restaurants and bars...until the evil room mate came home from work and turned the power back on. he's a bastard.

fluffy said...

did he try maybe using a slightly larger sized fuse? you can get away with that sometimes.

Something dirty said...

Too bad you couldn't return it! But if you could, the restocking fee would probably have been more of a loss than what you got for selling it.