Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mr. Mammoth or: How We Learned to Change A Fuse and Start Loving Summer

Mammoth Air Conditioner
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Phillip bought this monster at KMart after work today. The thing is a BEAST. And of course, as soon as we plugged it in, the entire house blew and the power went out. We freaked out for a good 10 minutes before going to the basement to see what was up. It was stinky down there, so we knew that a fuse somewhere had blown. The woman in the upstairs apartment came down to investigate, too. She didn't know how to change the fuse (we didn't either). So we decided to call the landlords, but of course, the weren't there. It's been an hour and they still haven't returned my call. We were going to call the electric company to see if they could come out and help, but then our neighbors came home. Thankfully the dude who lives next door knew how to fix it, since fuses blow "at least a hundred times during the summer". If he wasn't home, we'd be SOL because we have landlords that don't do anything and never return phone calls. So I had him show me how to change the fuse (I know how to change the round kind, but I didn't know how to change the other tubular kind) just in case it happens again and no one is around to help. He and his g/f are actually moving out in three days, so I'm glad they just happened to come back to get some stuff.

so Mr. Mammoth is working now to cool off the livingroom and dining room. We aren't sure if we're able to run the TV at the same time as the a/c, so we're opting ot NOT watch TV until the place is cool. We can't risk blowing the fuse again tonight. It's just too damn hot.



Something dirty said...

It was damn hot today. The breeze was nice, when it wasnt knocking stuff over.

Karyn said...

haha hot weather is a thing of the past for's winter here!!

'cept our winter weather doesn't get below 75F - but that's better than 100F right?

air conditioners ROCK!