Sunday, May 07, 2006

We Are Scientists

I don't like the City Pages. It reminds me too much of the Boston Phoenix, which I also dispised (I was more of a Weekly Dig fan). Thankfully my husband reads the City Pages, primarily the calendar section, and is able to tell me when my favorite bands are going to be in town.

Looks like We Are Scientists are opening for Fiery Furnaces, (admittedly a band I don't even know) at First Avenue on June 23. We are so there. I ♥ We Are Scientists and I'll gladly pay the $15 to get in to see them, and have no issue with leaving when they are done.


Rumour said...

im not good looking and can play guitar limitly... i should be a rocker.

fluffy said...

i didnt really like the dig or phoenix. the phoenix catered to rich ex-hippies, but the dig was for holier-than-thou hipsters.

that being said, they are both better than the tampa altweekly. ick.