Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here's Where I Make Reference to MPFC Episode 14

(you should totally read the title in Comic Book Guy's voice for the full effect. and if you don't know what I'm referencing*, you're dead to me)

There aren't many things on this planet that creep me out. I'm not afraid of snakes or spiders or slugs. I'm not afraid of ghosts or ghoblins or haunted houses or grave yards. I don't have anything against horror movies, either.

But there ARE some things that creep me out more than Mayonnaise (I think I've blogged about my mayo phobia in the past, right?) and one thing is People Who Walk With No Emotion.

These people creep me out. Today as I waited for the bus home, a woman walked past me, moving only her legs. She did not move her arms from side to side and she stared straight ahead. Her head didn't move and her shoulders stayed still. The only thing moving were her legs and feet. She was walking pretty fast, like she had somewhere to be. I wanted to tell her that if she would just swing her arms back and forth she'd get there faster. People who walk without moving their arms or seem to be oblivious to their surroundings creep me out!

Another thing, uh, I mean someone that creeps me out is Sylvia Browne. She's got this creepy, raspy, smoke-four-packs-a-day voice, along with seriously long-n-creepy Lee PressOn Nails and a seriously dated wardrobe to match her hair. She's on Montel almost every day. Now, don't label me as a Daytime TV Talk Show watcher, because I'm not. It just so happens that Montel is always on when I'm doing laundry. So Sylvia, with her creepy way of looking at me, tries to get me, the viewer, to believe that she can actually interact with the dead. She's not only a big fake, but she's a big, creepy fake. She is so general and vague with her answers to people's paranormal questions that the answers can be for anyone, anywhere! For example, she can say "I see a dog running around you. Did you ever have a dog that died when you were young?" HELLO! Fill a room with 50 people and 49 of them knew a dog that died when they were young. ARGH! She creeps me out!

So there are two things that creep me out. There are more, but I'll spare you for tonight.

What creeps YOU out? Trust me, nothing is too weird or embarrassing. Let it loose!



Megan said...

One thing that freaks me out-

watching "Unsolved Mysteries" at night- when noone else is home.


Honey Bunny said...

oh yeah! unsolved mysteries can be totally creepy!

good one!