Monday, July 17, 2006

Try It On!

Because I'm in need of a laugh today, and I have nobody to laugh with, I decided the next best thing is to laugh at myself. So I decided to try out the Clairol website and try on different styles and colors. I'm sure no one else will find this amusing, but it cracked me up. And that's what's important.

This Cracks Me UP!

You can click the photo to go to flickr and see the notes I made on each one if you want.

And here's one of Lola. It cracks me up. too!

Lola's New Do

Now I'm going back to bed. It's too hot and I'm too depressed to do anything else.


fluffy said...

ya know though, some of those work.

cat said...

Some do, I agree with fluffy! And Lola's... made me laugh out loud at work! Some of your did too... Hang in there sweetie!!!

Jessi said...

I like your hairstyles number 1 and 3. But Lola's more of a winter, perhaps a dark brunette shade would look nice on her!

Something dirty said...

I like you with the Jennifer Aniston cut. Everybody should have that hairdo once in their life.

Chuck Olsen said...

nowwww i see why your kitty was wearing a wig on Flickr. :-)