Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hey Baby, I'm Talkin' to You!

For your viewing pleasure, and to take you back to fifth grade*, here's a video of one of my favorite songs in 1985:

Hot damn, I loved this song. Check out how hardcore Nancy is! She's totally glammed up and rockin' it for the camera. Sadly, this is when mainstream media decided Ann is no longer a sexpot because she's heavier than she was in her Barracuda days. It's too bad they hide her behind close ups and obscured shots throughout the later Heart videos. That makes me sad. I love Heart and who cares if Ann is heavier than she was when she was 20? I mean, come on...Aren't we all?? And besides, isn't it her voice that's most important, anyway?

I'm exhausted, but I'm waiting up till Phillip gets home from club-hopping. I'm always anxious when he stays out late. I would have went with him, but I had so much to do and so many pair of earrings to make for tomorrow. I hope I get some business. If anyone is still in the TC's (haven't' left yet for Freedom Weekend), please stop by the Fairy Godmother on 38th and Grand in Mpls tomorrow, Sunday July 2 from 11 to 1. I'll be there. Unless it's raining, of course.

*Fifth grade was a seriously crap-tacular time in my life. It was awkward and I was a social misfit. I don't think I had many friends (those didn't come till junior high) and I know I felt really out of place all the time. I'd much rather read than talk to anyone, especially other people in my class. But I listened to Heart! ROCK IT!

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Karyn said...

Heart! Rocks.

That vid was seriously unkind to Ann...but then so is that giant coat she's wearing.

I think the 80s was unkind to all of us, fashion-wise...don't you think?

Good luck with the earring sales tomorrow!