Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Know It's Freedom Weekend And All...

...but there are many of us who cannot afford the luxury of taking a four-day vacation.

Both Victor's and the Grand Bakery were closed today, so there was absolutely zero foot traffic outside of the store today. There were tons of people who were cursing both restaurants because they wanted to eat, dammit! So no foot traffic=no sales. So I packed it up after only an hour. Although, I did sell a pair of cardinal earrings, so my profit for the day is a whopping $3.

No big deal though. I've been incredibly lucky in the past month. My total sales now come to $76. That's not bad for a girl selling her stuff on a street corner.

Wait....that didn't sound so good ;)

Anyway, I've listed my new items on my etsy site. Please take a look if you have a moment. Shipping on everything is only $1 and some change. Can't beat that, right?

Now I'm going to lie on my bed in the A/C and read my book. Lazy Sunday's are good.


Julie Du. said...

Have a lovely Fourth, HB! (Sorry sales weren't so booming today.)

I have a date with a hammock and a stack of books...

Honey Bunny said...

thanks, julie! there's always next week. i'm not too bummed.

it's nice outside in the shade, but our house seems to hold in all the heat. it's sticky in the livingroom, but nice and cool in the bedroom.

have a good day!!

Cat said...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY HB!!! I too did not get a 4 day weekend. I am here at work today, and it is much busier than it was supposed to be... HMPH!

I hope next week is better for sales of your awesome jewelery.

It is pretty hot today, but tomorrow, the 4th, is supposed to be nice and cooler! :) We will see if is really happens though...

Well, please all be safe and have fun whatever you do for your 4th!

HB, is Lola afraid of the fireworks? I know Luther is VERY afraid of all the booms and bangs this time of year. He hides under the bed. Poor guy... :(