Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Masthead + Happy Freedom!

Since the Declaration of Independence was signed on this day 230 years ago, and has since given us all the freedoms we take for granted in this great nation, I've declared this day Freedom to Lounge day in the Griffin household.

There will be a lot of Doing Nothing, Lounging On Couch with TV On, Eating Chips and Dip, Slurping Sodas, Listening to Illegally Downloaded Music, and of course, Sleeping with Mice on Hardwood Floors:

I Found Her This Way!

Have a Happy Freedom to Lounge Day! If you're in a state where fireworks are legal, please remember that at least 9,300 people were treated in emergency departments for fireworks-related injuries last year. Remember, if you're going to blow stuff up, light the bastard and RUN!


Cat said...

Your day was the same as mine! Only Luther lounged on my lap all day instead of the floor. No complaints for me though.

Honey Bunny said...

i wish lola was a lap cat, but she isn't :(

glad you had a good day. tuesday was my only day off this week. meh.