Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lola Overdose

Here's your daily overdose of Lola, since I'm just too pooped to write anything of substance. Here she is with her favorite toy: the Mouse from Israel. She won't put the thing down. In fact, she woke me up this morning by dropping Mouse on my head at 7am! I played fetch with her for a total of two minutes and then fell back to sleep. Don't worry...I played with her when I got home from work.

Lola and Her Mouse

Lola and Her Mouse

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I will be working :(


Cat said...

You know I love Lola doses! Cannot get enough of them! You said in your last post that you wish she was a lap cat, well, she may be when she gets older. Luther was not a lap cat when he was young either. He is 13 now, and just a snuggle bunny! So, maybe in time she will be...

Sorry you have to work this weekend. I will be working hard as well, only at my house not my job. It is long over due to do a "spring" cleaning! Everything MUST get cleaned. YUCK. I hate cleaning, but love the feeling when it is done!

Well, try and have a good weekend when not working! Take care!

fluffy said...

ok, i know this has nothing to do with anything about lola, but i had to share this with you;

watch the video, just dont be eating or drinking anythng cause it will shoot out your nose. sooo freakin funny!

Honey Bunny said...

hey fluffy, that was some funny stuff! thanks!

Will said...

cats are good enough for me