Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's (Not) A Tumor

I'm glad I have my yearly physical next week. I've got some stuff to bring up to the new doctor. One thing is the fact that my sinuses are continuously blocked. I can get no relief at all. I always sound so nasal and I'm constantly blowing my nose. It's no fun at all.

The other thing I have to mention to her are the headaches that have been coming on suddenly and lasting for a few hours. They aren't like migraines, which are always located the right side of my head, above my eye. These headaches are more like an all-over headache that leaves me feeling a bit dizzy and woozy. I have one right now. It's bugging me because even though I've taken advil and have had a lot of water to drink, it's not going away. It could be something as trivial as my glasses/contacts. Or worse, like a tumor. My 15 year-old hypochondriac self is betting it's a tumor. My 30 year old self is telling her to shut up, it's not a tumor.

This afternoon I put up a new shower courtain. I found one that has these cool mesh pockets in which you can keep the soap and shampoo. It's pretty cool, especially since we have one of those old clawfoot bathtubs and a series of metal pipes hanging fom the ceiling on which to attach a curtain...or in our case, three curtains because one only covers a third of the circumfrence. There is no place to put the shampoo, except for either the windowsill or just at your feet while you shower. That's not a good place for it. Anhoo, changing the shower curtain led me to wash all the sheets and towels and placemats. So now all of that is clean and smells better than it did an hour ago.

If I can dull this headache I'm going to watch three more episodes of Six Feet Under. I'm on Season 5, Ep 3. It's one of my favorite shows ever, besides the X-Files and Twin Peaks.

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