Monday, September 04, 2006

The Only Good Things About Today...

1) It's a Holiday (Labor Day, ironically) and so I get paid time-and-a-half. I'll get paid for 15 hours today because I'm working 10-8:30. Someone called in sick so it's either me stay or me stay. My assistant manager was here this morning, but she left a long time ago.
2) I'm alone so I can read whatever I want. I'm reading throught the new Chuck Klosterman book right now. It's ok. Nothing fabulous. I don't know what I want to read next. Anyone have any suggestions?
3) Target has their Halloween stuff out! I bought a few things in their $1 Spot this morning. More knick knack stuff that I love but my husband hates.
That's about it. What a super-dooper boring blog entry, huh? I'm posting via email because it's the only way I can. That is, until Blogger gets it's act together and fixes the bugs in the new Beta release. Till then, I have to deal.
Happy Labor Day, y'awl.


cat said...

I am sorry you had to work on Labor day, that is SUCKY! But at least you got paid decent for it! I have NO ideas for good books. Well if you have not read it (most people did in like Jr. High) I would recommend Watership Down, I am reading it for the first time (yes at 34 I have never read Watership Down.)and really enjoying it. That is the only advise on books I have...

Hang in there, we will have to go for lunch or drinks soon!

Honey Bunny said...

hey cat! i've never read that, either. right now i'm reading The Pistachio Prescription by paula danziger! i read it about 3 times when i was 12, but i forgot all about it. we were sending the book back so i got to take a copy. it is bringing back some good memories.

yes! lunch/drinks sounds good. i will email you when i get next week's schedule to find out when i'm working.