Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nostalgic Saturday

I've decided that I'm going to use Saturday to write about things that remind me of my youth. I turn 31 in 10 days, and well, I'm feeling kind of old. I know that's silly, since I'm not even close to middle age, but still...I remember when I was 12. Those were the days.

The first installment brings you Step By Step, the video by New Kids on the Block. I wasn't a huge NKOTB fan, but this song still brings me right back to eighth grade. The best part of the video? The few seconds of Donnie Wahlberg Danny Wood working out throughout the video. Donnie was on his motorcycle. Excellent.



soapboxhero said...

New Kids reminds me of 8th grade, too, but it was during their "The Right Stuff" era. I saw them in concert that year and my girlfriend tried to get backstage and cried when we didn't. Those were the days...

You know what song reminds me of college? Radiohead's "Creep". There was such good new music back then. There is now, but when you are in college you kind of listen with different ears, you know?

Honey Bunny said...

oh, totally! Creep totally reminds me of my freshman year of college! and speaking of radiohead, anything on "OK Computer" reminds me of my senior year in college :)

Laura said...


I saw New Kids in concert at the MN State Fair back in 1990.

With Tommy Page and Tiffany.

Good times.

Anonymous said...

Major flashback! I love that video. Sorry to burst your bubble though, it was Danny not Donnie with the hot biceps working out.