Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today Is A Cruddy Day

I had to close the store last night. I would have been home by 8:30, but after I closed down my register and went to turn in my cash bag, I noticed that I left the one and only check in the drawer. So I had to go all the way down 6 floors, open the machine, get the check, close the machine, go back up 6 floors, and turn it all in. You know how much cash I turned in? A measly $34. Yeah. So I didn't end up getting home till 9:30-ish. I took the bus to Uptown and then the bus from Uptown home. I don't like walking up Nicollet by myself at night. Just too scary.

My new friend Brandee and I were going to meet up for coffee this morning, but she's not feeling well. I've got the headache from hell, so I guess it's best we just stay home and veg out. I really like her. She's super smart and funny and easy to talk to. And since we work together (although in different departments) we're able to chat with each other during the day, too. We went out for a LOT of drinks on Thursday. We went to the CC Club since I'd never been there. For some reason I thought they had live music, but I guess not. Anyway, we both drank too much and had to take a cab home, but it was one of my favorite nights since I've been in Minneapolis. Hooray for new friends!!

The Hubs and I are doing laundry and then, at some point, we're going to see Factotum. For those of you who don't know, Charles Bukowski is one of my very favorite writers of all time. I have a ton of his books:

My Charles Bukowski Collection

I love Matt Dillon and I have a feeling he plays a better Henry Chinaski than Mickey Rourke.


cat said...

So, how was it? I want to see it! I also love Matt Dillion, and he is hot! So, you cannot lose!

Ron Southern said...

But how hard a job is it to be a cat? I'm just glad the cats can't talk.