Monday, October 16, 2006

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Candy Apples!

Candy Apples!!
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Yesterday we had rain all day. Today was a lot nicer, so I went shopping by myself down Granville and Robson Streets. I bought some gifts for some friends, got more postcards, and decided I HAD to try one of these $8 gourmet apples.


Candy Apples!!
I got the cheesecake apple and it is one of the best things I've ever eaten in my entire life. The thing is so big that I could only eat half. I hope it doesn't go bad by the time I get to eat the rest tonight. I also got some maple fudge for me and chocolate fudge for Phillip. If I could pay rent and live in that store, I totally would. Chocolate is better than everything...yes, it's true.

One Year Anniversary
Yesterday was our one year anniversary. Phillip and I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner and then out to a local Goth club. The club itself was really gorgeous and spacious, but the DJs weren't all that great. Plus, they played mostly industrial music, and we were hoping for more oldschool goth stuff. We stayed for about two hours and then left. We went to a karaoke bar, but that wasn't really our thing, so we just came home and watched some TV. It was a nice day, though, despite the rain.

Rock Show Posters
I love how there are so many awesomely designed rock posters all over the city. You just don't see this kind of thing in the US. It's kind of sad. A lot of time goes into designing them and they are works of art, at least in my opinion. Phillip found a Ladytron poster and took it off the wall for me. Pretty cool. We were going to go to the museums today, but the fee to get in is $15 each and that's a bit too much for an art museum. I don't know what we're going to do tonight, but I'm sure it will be fun. Phillip is snoring like a chainsaw in the bedroom. We leave tomorrow afternoon. I'll miss Vancouver, but I'm looking forward to getting home and seeing Lola and my friends.

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fluffy said...

did ya happen to see last week's episode of The Office? the one where Michael gets a pretzel with like 40 sugary toppings on it?

yeah, thats what that apple has going on.