Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday Meme

I'm taking the lead from Rand and posting this as I watch Law & Order, a guilty pleasure of mine.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1.) Bookstore clerk in Peabody, MA and Minneapolis, MN

2.) Salad Bar Girl at Ponderosa in Oneonta, NY (I was all of 15 years old!)

3.) Adult Video Store clerk, Peabody, MA

4.) Telemarketer, Beverly MA, which was the Worst Job Ever

Four movies I would watch over and over.

1.) Fargo

2.) Ferris Bueler's Day Off

3.) Muriel's Wedding

4.) Rushmore

5.) honorable mention: 2046

Four places I have lived

1.) Lynbrook, NY

2.) Salem, MA

3.) Allston, MA

4.) Minneapolis, MN

Four TV Shows I love to watch:

1.) The Amazing Race

2.) Survivor

3.) The Daily Show/The Colbert Report

4.) Law & Order

Four places I have been on vacation

1.) Vancouver, BC Canada

2.) Atlantic City, NJ

3.) Myrtle Beach, SC

4.) Seattle, WA

Four of my favorite foods

1.) Any Northern Italian/Tuscan Italian food. The richer and creamier the sauce, the better!

2.) BEEF!

3.) Anything with cheese or chocolate on it. Chocolate cheesecake being total heaven.

4.) Reuben sandwiches

Four places I would rather be right now.

1.) Well, since I'm home and bored right now, I'd like to be at a party with all my friends from both Boston and Minneapolis.

2.) Singing Beach, Manchester MA, at night. So beautiful.

3.) At the dinner table at my grandparent's house, eating and talking, and arguing, and doing all the family stuff that i miss.

4.) Taking a walk with my husband, stopping to take pictures and stealing kisses.

Four Random Thoughts of The Day

1.) I really wish I could win the lottery. But seeing as I don't gamble, I'll never win the lottery.

2.) I wish I could have a big Thanksgiving feast with all my (local) family and the new friends I've made here in Mpls. But alas, Phillip and I will be alone as everyone has other plans.

3.) Boy am I glad the Democrats won the house and senate. Maybe now I'll get my country back...or at least it will get itself back on track.

4.) Mmmmm.....pickles.

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Lex Ham Rand said...

Excellent! fun to read!