Monday, January 22, 2007

First Day on the Job Breakdown

Here's my day, in bullet form.

  • left the house at 6:40am to board the bus at 6:46
  • got to uptown station at 6:53
  • hopped on the 6 and got downtown at 7:09!
  • had to wait around in the freezing frickin' cold for 45 minutes because the 756 was late. Even if it was on time, I still would have had to wait for 25 minutes because I got downtown waaaaaaaaaay too early. Did I mention it was freezing?
  • boarded the 756 and asked the driver to announce the stop I needed to get out.
  • saw the building I was supposed to be working at zoooooooooom by.
  • pulled the bell and yelled at the busdriver for NOT ANNOUNCING THE STOP OR STOPPING AT ALL!
  • got off the bus in the middle of Highway 55 and had to walk about a half mile on the side of the highway with traffic zooming by. Did I mention my husband said it would be a good idea to wear a skirt on the first day?
  • got to my building at 8:15. To my surprise, I wasn't the late one! We had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the last woman who got lost on her way or something.
  • pray that I regain feeling in my toes, feet, and legs before noon.

  • having no idea what the job entails (except for the temp agency saying "clerical work"), I realize that I'm in the midst of a motherfucking collections agency!
  • silently curse the temp agency for placing me here because I specifically stated I will NOT work in collections.
  • calm down and get the low-down on what I'll be doing
  • sit and "train" with a very nice woman for 4 hours. she's super helpful and answers all my questions without hassle.
  • realize that I can totally handle the job because I'm not asking anyone for money. My job is to contact courts all over the country to see if estates belonging to dead people have made it to probate court.
  • if they say "yes", I document it. If they say "no", I document it. that's it.
  • I'm WORKING FOR DEAD PEOPLE! How awesome is that?
  • my ass fell asleep about 20 times.
  • took a "bathroom break" about 25 times just to relieve the pain in my ass and back. I'm still pretty sore from my fall three weeks ago.
  • ended up logging 45 calls in 4 hours, totally amazing my supervisor. I wanted to tell him thata chimp could do this job, but I didn't think that would go over well.
  • left at 4:30

  • had to run across Highway 55 and 6 lanes of traffic in order to get to the bus stop before 4:36
  • i made it by the skin of my teeth. seriously.
  • make mental note to leave the office at 4:25 every day as to not chance it
  • get off the bus downtown
  • hop on the 6
  • barely make the transfer onto the my bus at Uptown
  • make it into my house, pet Lola, pee, peel off this FUCKING BRA that's been digging into me, all before 5:30

    And I get to do it all over again tomorrow!

    Seriously, this is the sign in the lobby of the building where I'm working:

    The Deceased Need Pay UP!

    That's not the company I'm working for, but I thought that sign summed up what it is I'll be doing for the next 39 days.

    ps) don't stalk me, people.

    Voix said...

    What an ordeal! But at least you're getting paid and you can ask around about other work.

    Something dirty said...

    Oh man. I picture you whispering "I work for dead people."

    You should really dial it down on the industriousness. You're making the chimps look bad!

    I kid. Because I love.