Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me Circa 1979

Me Circa 1979
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My mom included this photo in a larger photo frame she sent me for Christmas. I totally love it. There are photos of me, my brother, and sister that I never new existed. Like this photo...I know it was taken in '79 or so, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere in my mom's house. I hope that she sends me more photos of my siblings and I when we were kids. I love old timey photos.

But can we touch on something here for a second? Check out those pants! And what's up with the Jordache shirt? I wish my feet weren't cut off so I can see what kind of monster shoes my mom put on my feets.

Aahh....good times!

In unrelated news - sort of - my back is still killing me. Since my doctor did not call me back today, I've elected to take more than the recomended dosage of Vicodin, just so I can sleep through the night. If the one-and-a-half pills do not make a difference, I'm not going to take any more. And I'm going to see if I can get my money back at the pharmacy. I don't even know if that's legal, but if I was prescribed 60 pills and I only took three, I should recoup SOME money....right?

Top Chef in 10 minutes, y'awl!


soapboxhero said...

Jordache rocked the casbah, yo! I had Jordache jeans and a little denim Jordache purse that was trimmed in red.

Sorry about your back. That totally sucks! It seems everyone I talk to is having back troubles. I think they need to bring back Doan's Pills.

I put my back out shortly after Election Day. I was walking to my car to go vote in the AM and tripped and fell sideways. My back killed for about 3 weeks!

soapboxhero said...

By the way, I hated Betty and was glad to see her go. I dig Elia!