Friday, January 12, 2007

A Side Effect of Vicodin

One of the side effects of Vicodin is "itching". Seems like I'm one of those people it happens to. Two mornings ago I woke up with scratches all over my belly. This morning (or rather, at 3am) I woke up with two scratches on my inner wrists. I put bacitracin and a band aid over them right away to stop the itching and also to prevent myself from scratching more.

A Side Effect of Vicodin

Sure, I'm depressed about my back, my empty bank account, and the fact that I can't find a job. But I'm not so depressed that I want to off myself! These scratches look like I tried to slit my wrists! Not very attractive, for sure.

So now I'm not sure what I want to do. I could sleep with gloves on so I don't scratch myself up, but I'm sure I'd take them off and my hands would get all gross and sweaty. I could stop taking the vicodin, but that means I wouldn't sleep at all.

One good thing that's happened while on vicodin is that I'm actually able to breathe out my nose! It's like I don't have that polyp obstruction anymore. Of course, I can't keep taking vicodin for allergies, but it sure is a relief.

Argh! I'm so sick of this it's not even funny. Anyone else experience any itching on vocodin?

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