Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lola and Phillip

Lola and Phillip
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Lola sits next to me pretty much all day and keeps me company. Phillip joined her last night for a little while, which made me smile. My back still isn't better, although I'm thinking that it feels a little better? I can't tell, since I've upped the dose of Vicodin. I felt well enough today to clean up the kitchen. I couldn't do that three days ago, for sure. But then again, the kitchen is the smallest room in the house, so it's not like I had to work very hard or long. Anyway, I just hope I'm able to recover from this fall soon, because I don't want to rely on painkillers anymore to be able to make it through the day.

I'm still unemployed, and kind of depressed about it. Any of you out there have openings in your companies, or do you know of anyone who is hiring? I'm super smart and super talented and the best thing about me (besides the fact that I'm a hard worker) is that I learn new things super fast. That means I'm adaptable. The Temp agencies I'm working with don't seem to be helping me at all. I guess it's good I'm not paying them, right?

If anyone has any ideas for me as far as employment, please comment!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'm going to take a nap.

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