Saturday, March 10, 2007

Temping Ends in FIVE!

Next week is my celebratory week, for sure. MY eight-week assignment in the outskirts of town ends on the 16th. If I said this made me happy, I'd be grossly misrepresenting myself. The thought of me never having to get up at 5:45 to be at a job that starts at 8 again makes me so delirous with pleasure I can't hardly stand it. Hey, this kind of thing screams for over-dramatics, ok?

I was going to talk about the woman with the supremely annoying voice who likes to chat with Speller Boy all day long. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. It's high pitched and whiny and reminds me of my voice at age 13, when I was a spoiled brat. But then, a fellow temp and friend (who I'll call T), found The Voice's myspace page and we decided she's OK in our book. Mostly because she has the same interests that we do, and she lists Depeche Mode and The Cure as her favorite bands of all time. So really, how can you hate the girl? So we've laid off her. Her voice still grates on our nerves, but we've given her some leeway on the account that she's got photos of herself at the exact same Kill Hannah/Clear Static show Phillip and I were at last year AND one of her favorite movies is The Royal Tenenbaums. Dare I say it, she could almost be my BFF!

But today I'll talk about a fellow temp worker that drives me nuts. I'm so thankful I won't have to see her again after Friday. She's the office snoop and office gossip. She took it upon herself to let everyone know that both me and my friend T won't be returning to this job if it's extended past Friday (which is a possibility). She asked me about 20 times if I was going to stay on OR if I was interested in being hired for the position - something that may or may not also be a possiblity. At a meeting we had on Friday, she repeated the fact that both T and I "don't want to work here anymore", which I thought was the rudest thing anyone could say. First of all, all the Important People, you know, the people who have any say in what us temp workers do on a day-to-day basis, already KNOW that T and I would like/have other assigments. Not only that, it's obvious that these Important People are sick and tired of hearing her ask if she's going to get hired on. She makes a point to tell everyone that she'd like to work for this company on a daily basis. At one point during her rant about how she and another woman are the only real choices for the job (because the rest of us are slackers), one of the Important People said "OK, we GET IT!". But the thing is, this woman talks non-stop, so she didn't even hear. I was moritfied to be in that meeting because this woman is so embarrassing. There's more to her personality, actions, and morals that I hate, but I'll leave it at that. It's just sad that she's pretending to be concerned with the rest of us and what our plans will be after Friday, when her OBVIOUS goal is self-promotion. She's gossipy for her own gain, and I hate that shit.

ANYWAY (as Chuck Klosterman, a topic of another rant, would say), Phillip and I went to see The Host last night at the Uptown. It was good, but not as awesome as all the reviews have made it out to be. I thought it was enjoyable, but Phillip hated it. I hated the people sitting behind us because they kept screaming outloud when all the suspenseful stuff was happening. Actually, they were screaming even when NOTHING was happening, which is super annoying. Sometimes I wish we could go to the movies and have the whole place to ourselves. And not have stupid movie-goers act like 13 year olds all around me. Bitter? How'd ya guess?

While I was waiting for the movie, I had about 1.5 hours to kill so I walked around Uptown. At 6:00 Phillip called and said he was let out of work early, so we met up for dinner at the Uptown Bar. Before he met me, I was coerced into buying two boxes of cookies from the Girl Scouts that set up shop in the mall. I wasn't going to purchase anything from them, even though I love me some Caramel Delights (or, as Samoas, as us over 30 crowd knows them to be), but their sad, pleading Girl Scout eyes made me feel so guilty that I had to buy two boxes. Seven dollars later I've got myself a box of Caramel Delights and one Thin Mint. "They keep well in the freezer!," she tells me. Thanks Girl Scouts. Like they will ever last long enough to make it to the freezer.

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Cat said...

Hey Girl! I am thrilled for you that the end is almost here! Hopefully you will get another assignment soon and it will be closer and something you like and then they will offer that one to you permamently!