Friday, May 25, 2007

American Idol Winner "Too Fat" To Deserve To Win

Full disclosure: I have never watched an episode of American Idol in my life. I just happened to see this YouTube video and felt the need to comment.

Leave it up to the douchebags at Fox News to come up with an "expert" on weight and health issues. Yes, you heard right: that slip of a woman in the video actually said that the winner (Jordin) is not worthy of winning the title of American Idol because she's "obese". It doesn't matter that she's extremely talented and beat out hundreds of other people, but it DOES matter that she's "fat".

Um, hi. I watched that video too and the girl looks pretty goddamn average size to me.

And that brings up a point - this person who won American Idol is just a child! By the strictest interpretations of the law, she is a child. She's 17 years old, for chrissake. What kind of message is that bitchface woman on FOX trying to get across to millions of other young women out there? That they can't possibly succeed at anything if they are "fat"? That if they can't possibly be talented because of all the "extra weight" that they are carrying around? It's an absolute outrage.

Please watch the video again and come back and tell me that Jordin is a walking sack of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Can you do it? NO! Because any normal (read: NOT a FOX News watcher) person out there can see that she's a normal, healthy, and most importantly TALENTED young woman who doesn't deserve to be bashed in the media for something as fucking inconsequential as her "fat". The "fat" that doesn't even exist! I think the most offensive comment that woman made was that in the next couple of weeks "Jordin will have to drop at least 40 pounds. Her handlers will see to it." So now Jordin is no longer a woman, but a big fat beast that has to be wrangled and handled and caged and made to starve, all because people see imaginary fat on this poor girl's body. It's disgusting to me.

Oh, and by the way, do you think this same woman would have made the same remarks about Ruben if HE was up there last night. You're right, she wouldn't have. I think it's time that women stop hating other women on the basis of looks. It's just a downward spiral that will never fix itself. And that's sad.

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cat said...

I agree that comment makes me FURIOUS! I cannot stand it that it is ok for guys such as Ruebin to be handsome and HUGE and gets called America's teddy bear. But then you take a Gorgeous and average girl like Jordin and she just gets called "Fat" and "Obese". I just want to scream! I personally loved that the final 2 women on the show were not anarexic skinny. That they were average size. Made me love them even more.