Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stomach Woes

Sunday through Tuesday I was plagued with horrible stomach pain, paired with the pooping and the vomiting. I figured it was something I ate, but I didn't know what, since Phillip and I basically ate the same thing this weekend. The only thing different is that I ate a lot of raw veggies on Saturday and he didn't.

Yesterday, I was totally fine. I ate more raw veggies for lunch yesterday, but still felt fine. Last night we both had pizza and some wings for dinner. And we both ate the same ice cream afterward.

The stomach pain and the pooping are back! This morning I woke up with the stomach pain again. It's not as horrible as Sunday and Monday, but it's still bad. I've decided to go into work late today, in hopes that the pain will pass a little. I'm meeting Brandee after work for Happy Hour and don't want to miss it. Not to mention that I already missed work this week and don't want to miss any more.

I'm thinking that the veggies are what is doing it to me. Whoda thunkit? For 31 years I've been hearing "eat your vegetables!" and now that I do, they sock me in the gut and I'm down for the count.

Stupid vegetables.

Natalie Dee


Anonymous said...

could be your gallbladder. high fat like the pizza, wings and ice cream could be causing it. that's what mine was


Honey Bunny said...

that's an interesting theory, but i felt fine when i ate the "bad" foods, but felt like crap when i ate all the raw veggies. so i don't believe that pizza and ice cream caused my belly to ache.