Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Readers, You've Been Warned

It's possible all of you will catch The Fat because you're reading the words on a blog typed by a fat woman.

Seriously, science says that Obesity is Socially Contagious. So that means you're gonna get a fat ass pretty soon because you are associated with me, a woman with a fat ass. It makes no difference that you haven't actually met me or spend any time with me. Just knowing a fat person puts you at risk for catching The Fat.

Does it blow anyone else's mind that this shit "scientific" study was federally funded?!? And not to mention, written in the New England Journal of Medicine?!? Kate Harding breaks it down better than I can.

Ah, you gotta love it. Hatred toward fat folks. The last accepted (and loved by all!) form of discrimination.


Cat said...

From one big beautiful and fat woman to another big beautiful fat woman, they all just are jealous because we can eat what we want and be ok with the way we look! And in a lot of cases, look better than the skinny ones!

Michelle said...

It really bothers me that studies like this get federal funding. It is just horrible. I would like to meet the person who came up with this theory. It is just ridiculous. I wonder how many people actually believe this crap.

BTW, Congrats on having your photo published in an online tour guide. Very cool.

Honey Bunny said...

the sad thing, michelle, is that a LOT of people believe this. it might not be conscious, but it's certainly unconscious. case in point: i usually have no one sitting next to me on a cramped, packed bus because no one wants to get close to my fat ass because my fat might jump off onto them, you know? i used to get upset over it, but now? more room for me and no obnoxious jerkface sitting next to me!

ps) i thought i blogrolled you, but i guess not. will do that now :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for blogrolling me. :) I can't believe how shallow and judgemental people are. If there's an open seat on a crowded bus, I'll sit next to anyone....unless they smell funny or are drunk. Americans really need a wake-up call. Wow... I am so glad I am not like that.