Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vancouver Loves Me :)

This photo I took is going to be used in a Vancouver tour guide. Well, and online tour guide, which translates to me not getting paid for the use of it (due to my creative commons license). But that's still pretty cool. It's a photo of all the amazingly different delicious candy/caramel apples in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. So I'm pretty honored that they like it enough to use it on their website.

Candy Apples!!

It's another muggy day here, which means that I won't be as productive as I'd like to be. Our house contains heat like you wouldn't believe. I got home from the fabric store last night and Lola was sweaty! No kitty should be sweaty. I had to put her in the bedroom where there's A/C for her to cool off. I think it's mostly her fault, though. She was sleeping on top of a pile of fleece! Crazy cat.

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Charmed said...

Mmmm....yummy apples.