Saturday, July 21, 2007

Can We Talk About the Beckhams For a Sec?

For the love of God, I'm so sick of hearing about the Beckham's big journey "across the pond" to L.A.

So tired of it, in fact, I'd like to smash the TV whenever I see their faces. But I can't escape it.

Why? Because The Hubs is a huge soccer fan. And when I say "huge", I can not actually quantify his love for soccer. He loves soccer more than me and Lola*, I can tell you that. A soccer game, or a highlight game, is always on in our house. Because somewhere in the world at any given moment, someone is playing soccer and there are TV cameras pumping it into our house.

I was sitting in the living room, hand sewing some cavy cozies for my friend Tammy, happily watching the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture when at precisely at 7:30 the cable switched over to ESPN's cover of the MLS game where David "Girlie Voice" Beckham is making his debut.

Here are three things that I find mind boggling:

1) There's a RED CARPET for the celebrities who are attending the game at the HOME DEPOT CENTER. Um, HOME DEPOT and RED CARPET do not go together, or is it just me.

2) David Beckham is scheduled to play FIVE MINUTES of the entire 90+ minute game. Why? Because he busted his ankle a few days ago and hasn't been able to play. Let's make bets that he hurts his ankle even more during those 5 minutes, thus making him sit on the bench for the rest of the Galaxy's season. Is it really worth $250M?

3) ESPN is covering a soccer game. You know that at least 10 of those people doing commentary have never watched a soccer game in their life. It sure sounds like it.

I've seen so much coverage of the Beckhams that I want to puke. I can't stand the sight of Victoria "Posh" Beckham, and David's girlie voice makes me cringe. But what makes things worse is that the media is all over them. Why?

Victoria is pretty untalented. Her claim to fame is that she was in the Spice Girls. Big deal. All she does is pout all day and hide behind those huge bug glasses. From what The Hubs tells me, David Beckham is a good soccer player, but he's not the greatest nor the best. His claim to fame is that he happens to be the most recognizable soccer player today. That's pretty much it.

I don't get why every woman who has laid eyes on him thinks he's OMGSOHOT! He's pretty plain looking, to me. And once he opens his mouth and starts talking, all bets are off. As for Posh, she's not all that hot, either. I just don't get it. Is she more popular because she's married to him? It boggles the mind.

All of this coverage is pretty embarrassing to me, as an American. I cringe at the what people in other countries think about all of this. It's ridiculous and makes me cringe. Yes, I realize that this is pretty great and a big deal to American soccer and it's fans, but hot damn, it's still ridiculous.

And as of 7:58pm, His Highness David Beckham hasn't even made it to the stadium. WTF? I really wish I could change the channel, but I told The Hubs I wouldn't. He will be pretty excited to watch this game when he comes home from work today. I just hope that no one tells him the score between his work and home. Why? Because that will make him a grumpy Hubs and that's never good.

*I'm ok with that.


Michelle said...

I agree with you on the Beckhams. Did you catch any of the NBC special that followed around Victoria Beckham around LA? It made me ill. :P

Honey Bunny said...

oh no. i can't stomach any of that.

Anonymous said...

I think you are completely wrong about the Beckhams. (althought Posh does spend her days doubt) David Beckham is a great soccer player and any true fan of the sport knows that he may actually be able to get the United States interested in it on a national level (ala US Football). Also, I'm glad that there is some new celebs to focus on besides LiLo, Paris, Brittany, and all the other girls who conviently forget to wear panties.

cat said...

I agree with you HB, I am SO sick of hearing about them. Ok, so he is a great Soccer player, and he will help the sport of Soccer in America, but does that mean we have to follow every aspect of his life? No. Joe Montana changed the game of football, and you did not have specials on him and his family. The only place I want to hear about Mr. Beckman is when he has done something on the soccer field. Otherwise I do not care. And I certainly do not care EVER about a washed up ex-girlband bitch!