Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shaq's Big Fat Challenge...or What Sucked Me Back In

Ok, so I know I said I wasn't going to watch Shaq's Big Challenge anymore, but damn, the power is overwhelming.

The reason I love this show is due to one kid. James. He's my absolute favorite. He's a smartass and I love smartasses.

I'm trying to ignore all the adults in the show and concentrating on the kids. They are the best. And James is right: yelling about how fat he is isn't going to 1) make him feel any better and 2) work harder.

My favorite part of the show so far was when James was supposed to sprint around some cones, but he took his sweet ass time walking. I mean he was walking S-L-O-W. It cracked me up.

I was also pretty pissed when Shaq and his asshole trainer dude laughed at the fact that it took the kids 4 months to drop 20 pounds. See? Shaq doesn't really give a shit about the kids. It's all about him. And he's full of shit when he says he cares about motivating the kids.

Oh, one El Oh El part came when the lunch lady didn't want to work with Tyler Florence. That was awesome. Because he, like Shaq, has an enormous ego. I can't stand Tyler Florence. I wonder if he's proud to endorse his meals at Applebees, which is a step above, oh, Red Lobster (if that's possible)?

I hope I'm not sucked into this stupid show again next week (and it's a good thing I can work on projects while 'watching'). But I love James. I love that he's a bastard, but he's also one of the smartest kids in his accelerated classes. But we've learned over the years that it's not cool to be the smartest kid in school, and when you're fat, that's double trouble for sure.

Oh no. I just saw a commercial for a show called FAT MARCH! OMG. What the fuck is with all the fat shows on the ABC? Ridiculous.


Michelle said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only one who gets sucked into reality tv...it always seems like it's the show that I hate the most, I keep tuning in for. I haven't caught Shaq's Big Challenge, but I might just to see the sassy James. I love kids like that! :)

Honey Bunny said...

the reality tv that we watch is stuff like Top Chef, The Amazing Race, and Survivor. it's pretty rare that i get sucked into crap like this, but those kids are hysterical. so that's why i keep watching.